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Food & Drink

There will be a great variety of foods to enjoy on the day and take home with you.  Here’s a flavour of what you will find on the day….

Tables and chairs will return this year !!

Wild & Rustic

Wild & Rustic is a pop-up catering company based in the South West. With a passion for Wild Foods, creating culinary delights, inspired by the rural countryside and bring them to our show for the first time this year 

The Coffee Box


Matts Hog Roast

Our experience runs through many different types of events, from weddings, parties, christenings, charity events, outdoor and indoor functions – summer or winter. We pride ourselves on not only our team of very happy, fun, but professional and competent staff, but also the quality of the catering service we provide. We offer excellent quality, and only the highest standards of hygiene, caterers, service and food.

Hometown Catering

Hometown Catering is from Petersfield, Hampshire. We provide top quality event catering at many events across the South. We sell awesome award winning sausages in finest quality rolls. Our pork sausages come from Hampshire Farms and our bread is made by a family bakers in Portsmouth.

The Focaccia Company

Jake’s Artisan Food

Jake’s was founded as an antidote to dismal, processed supermarket food, offering up instead hugely enjoyable hand-made produce at a completely reasonable price.

You can see this thinking in Jake’s signature hand-cut pork pies from Hampshire, which rely on freshy chopped, locally sourced free-range pork, with only sea salt and fresh black pepper providing the majority of the seasoning.

Crepe Britain

UK Bratwurst Co

Duncroft Preserves Hampshire Gluten Free Company

Shelby’s Shakes

Medstead Meats

Medstead Meats are proud to be members of the British Game Alliance and will be in attendance supplying wild venison sausages and burgers made from delicious local produce along with soft drinks.

Handmade Cornish Pasties

JJ Cider

Chucklehead Cider


Michael and Liz have been making Chucklehead Cider since 1993 using traditional methods and a blend of West Country cider apples.

Beckford’s Rum Spirits

Back in Regency Britain rum and toffee were two of the nation’s favourite treats, enjoyed by all classes. This long-forgotten recipe combines these two delicious flavours, which both originate from the same plant, into a taste sensation! To be enjoyed simply over ice, or ice cream, or mixing into your new favourite cocktail nothing comes close.

Dampney’s Remarkable Drinks

Dampney’s Remarkable Drinks started as a germ of an idea in the summer of 2015. After two years of development, our first range of drinks was launched in 2017.

The Dampney family have been sharing their hipflasks of homemade sloe gin for generations and it was time for a little experimentation. Why not try some other fruits using the same method? Dan Tanner’s ‘Pick your own’ farm at Sopley in the New Forest was on the doorstep and Dan was happy to supply surplus fruit, so the trials began. The only problem being that the fruit we were using had previously been fed as a treat to Dan’s red deer. Unfortunately for them, they are now on reduced rations!

Chalice Mead

Mike Wagstaff the founder of Chalice Mead had this ‘dream’ – after being given a bottle of Mead and realising how lovely it tasted he could possibly turn this ‘dream’ into a reality and start a new business venture where you could infuse the Mead with many different ingredients therefore adding a modern twist to an old drink.

Mead is known to be the oldest alcoholic drink in the United Kingdom but it also is believed to be the ‘oldest alcoholic drink in the world’, as it was found in the ancient Pyramids in Egypt. Chalice Mead was born blended with natural infusions and using the perfect balance of traditional and modern techniques, each bottle is filled from the heart.

Mummy Makes Fudge!

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